duminică, 2 ianuarie 2011

s t o r y

There was this boy who loved a girl.
They never saw eachother but still they were in love
He would secretly buy each month a gift for her
He said that in the end he will give it all to her as a surprise
A long time passed..
They boy hurt her, he thought it was better this way
He left her broken hearted
The girl found another guy, even if tears didn't stop flowing in her heart
The boy was sad and alone
Reality hit him
He wanted her back
The girl was happy with her boyfriend now.
The boy never got over her

[ok now the part that the boy didn't knew]

The girl never made another boyfriend, it was a lie,
Her 'boyfriend' was actually her best friend and brother
She was still sad, she still loved that foolish boy
And in the end..what do you think it happened when the boy found out the truth like..right now? TT

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