marți, 6 iulie 2010

best friends

Every memory remains
as the days pass quickly by
as i look upon the past
my heart just wants to cry

we were always together
through the good times and the bad
i try to keep a smile
but i cant fight the feeling sad

your laugh was addicting
and so was your smile
now everything's changing
and I'm stuck in denial.....

everyone will change
and everyone will grow
but i will always forever love you
and that i hope you know

i miss so many things
about the way it used to be
we both have made mistakes
not "just" you or not "just" me

i miss all of the good times
like when we'd talk all night long
or when we'd belt out the lyrics
to an old barney song

when we'd fall over laughing
and we wouldn't know why
all the hugs you gave me
when all I'd do is cry

i miss your blond moments
and the things we would say
acting like stoners
day after day

i miss when we'd talk
for hours on end
but i think most of all
i just miss my best friend
[.not made by me.]

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